8 Paris Photo Spots You Can’t Miss

Paris is, without doubt, one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. The stunning architecture, romantic atmosphere and adorable cafes make up this beautiful city. And literally every corner you turn could possibly be the perfect photo spot. But not only is the city absolutely beautiful, it also has such a creative and inspiring vibe going on that you can’t help but create. No wonder so many poets, writers, and artists have turned to Paris for years. So for this travel guide, I have decided to do it a bit differently than usual. I have rounded up 8 Paris Photo Spots that you can’t miss while in Paris. Some of them are famous recognizable spots, but some you may not know about yet.

8 Amazing Paris Photo Spots

#1: Trocadero

This is probably the most photographed spot in Paris. The square is packed with wedding photographers, fashion bloggers, and tourist but nevertheless, you need to make a stop – it does work as the perfect Eiffel Tower background and is super easy to photograph. The location can get very busy. If you’d like to get an empty shot, you’ll have to arrive very early in the morning.

#2 Avenue de Camoens

If you do not want to brace the crowds at Trocadero you can simply walk a few metre to Avenue de Camoens from where you can get another picture-perfect shot of the Eiffel Tower.

#3 Rue de l’université

This quaint street is where you can get in another Insta-popular shot with the Eiffel Tower in the back. Be warned: there is parking space in this street so there will usually be a lot of cars around. Some people get really lucky but we were not so we simply made the shot work from another angle. There is a supermarket and a bakery just around the corner if you want to buy some baguette for the perfect Instagram shot.

#4 Le Palais Royal

Another well-known location is Le Palais royal with its iconic black-and-white art installation. It is very crowded and usually jam-packed with tourist and photographers but the area is very spacious and you will easily get the perfect shot even during busy times of the day.

#5 Montmartre / Sacré-Cœur Basilica

The gorgeous white Basilica of Sacré-Cœur dominates the scenery in this area and makes the perfect picture background (especially from the back, where it’s less crowded). From up there you will also have the best view over Paris. However, if you wander around Montmartre you will find plenty of other amazing Paris photo spots, such as La Maison Rose and the famous café Le Consulat.

#6 Pink Mamma

I already mentioned this restaurant in my Paris Food Guide. However, it is not only an incredible pizzeria, it also is a gorgeous Paris photo spot with its dreamy interiors and stunning art on the walls. Make sure to be there early so you can get a space on the top floor.

#7 Café de Flore

One of Paris’s most famous cafés is not only the perfect place to people watch, it also comes with a lot of history of famous poets and writers sitting there, doing the same. Here you can get your perfect Paris coffee shot but be warned – it sure is quite expensive. If you, like us, don’t want to pay a fortune for an Americano, then simply use the crossroad in front of the café for a cute picture.

#8 Shakespeare and Company

Technically you are not allowed to take pictures inside the gorgeous bookshop. But you certainly can roam the surroundings and use the storefront as a photo backdrop like we did. Not only is this super cute to photograph, but I would still recommend everyone coming here are the vibe of this shop and area is absolutely incomparable.

More Paris Photo Spots:

  • Le Louvre
  • Notre Dame
  • The cute street vendors along the Seine near Notre Dame
  • Odette Paris
  • Moulin Rouge